ONE HOUR WITH YOUR SOUL - Flow Piano Meditation

ONE HOUR WITH YOUR SOUL - Flow Piano Meditation

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Flow Piano Meditation:

When listening to calming music, your body relaxes and your spirit goes for a wonderful journey. There you can gain a feeling of emense relaxation and comfort.

Most of us live in this world of overload. Always with a Cell phone in one hand reading what our friends have to say through social media and news of world. This style of living causes us to feel burned out, or to feel exhaustion. We need to learn about how get out of this cycle of stress upon stress. 

This is why I created Flow Piano. 

As professional pianist, when I hear the sounds of the piano the world melts away and the vibration of the music becomes my trasport to relaxation. On this night, I want to bring you along on the journey with me. I want you to take this hour to leave behind your work and home stress. Take this time for you and your soul and enter the Flow Piano World