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Spiritual Flow Work

Hi, I'm happy to see you hear! I'm here to support YOU, I want you to feel the Energy of your own Power. I hope you can feel that your life is changing to what is your best vision of your life. I will support you in different ways to reach your goals; feeling healthier and having really awesome relationships, and finally having the ability to have a fulfilling life. 



WE start with the first Session, and in that session we will talk about the things that YOU want to change. Sure, you can bring me your goals and we will "work" on them. This will be a  JOURNEY together.

I use my own method, called the "SPIRITUAL FLOW WORK". It's effective, fun, enjoyable and energizing. You will be given small bits of Homework for each session or "NOT" ;-). The sessions will be fun and motivating, but also a place and time where you can be safe to feel your emotions and let them go. And YES, sometimes I use CARDS , FLOW PIANO and ENERGY WORK to support you. 


I will support your energy by using my SPIRITUAL FLOW WORK technique. Using this technique without touching your body, energy will flow to wherever it is needed through your chakra and energy fields;  RELEASING and HEALING  your body.  This allows you to take these feelings and finally release the thoughts that are connecting with them, making for a feeling of LIGHTNESS and HARMONY. Taking this opportunity, your MINDBODY and SOUL will THANK YOU

*This Energy Work is super powerful. Only allow and attract energy from a higher vibrational level.