Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow I have listed some common questions that I receive from clients. I have posted them here for your information. If there is anything you want to ask that you don't see the answer to here, please contact me and I'll make sure to answer any questions you have. 

Johanna Wang



 - What is Spiritual Flow Work?

Spiritual Flow Work was founded by Jiaran Wang in hopes to give people the ability to find the lost piece that holds them back from an authentic fulfilling life. Spiritual Flow Work is a holistic system which focuses on helping both the Body and Mind. 

"Flow" refers to a state of mind where what you want and what you expect to get matches perfectly, allowing for a higher productivity and more creativity in daily life. 

Spiritual Flow Work offers both one-on-one coaching and retreats and workshops. One-on-one coaching sessions can be given in person and online. Retreats and Workshops are offered in several countries and each workshop has a unique topic surrounding "how to feel whole with your life". 

Spiritual Flow Work also offers consulting to companies and schools with the focus of teaching people a better work life balance and how to incorporate meditation. The outcome is to be able to have more workplaces and schools that offer a more supportive work/study environment making for more motivated and productive students and employees. 


 - How long is each Coaching/Energy one-on-one Session and what will happen during the Sessions?

Each session is 60 minutes in length.  During one-on-one session we will discuss the changes that you want to make and we will find the tools to alleviate your problems to help you move on to the next step in life.


 - What is the difference between Coaching and Energy Work?

Coaching is for people that need a more long term solution to problems. I work with you over a period of time using both Energy Work and different Spiritual-Flow-Coach methods. Together with you I will put together a session package for your coaching. Numbers of sessions vary person to person and what they are dealing with.

Energy Work Sessions are one off sessions when I work with your energy to give some relief to your feelings. You can book these when you feel like you need an extra pick-me-up.


 - Do I offer online Sessions?

Yes I offer online sessions through Skype. No matter where you are in the world I can arrange a time to have an online session with you. If you need to travel on business and feel you are in need of a session I can work with you.


 - Where are the Workshops and Retreats?

Workshops and Retreats will be held in different countries around the world.  For upcoming events please see the Workshops and Retreats page.


 - Do you offer courses to become a Spiritual Flow Worker?

Yes, I do offer a course to interested individuals. In this course I will teach you my Spiritual Flow Methodology.  If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Flow Worker, please contact me directly at


- When should you seek medical help?

If you are having suicidal thoughts or are hurting yourself or others you need to contact emergency help in your local area right away. Contact your local suicide prevention hotline and seek medical help.


 - What makes your Spiritual Flow Work different from other life coaching techniques?

My Spiritual Flow Work encompasses both the East and West. I was born in China and moved to Europe in my teens where I have lived since and where I trained to be a Professional Pianist and Educator. Because of this, I have merged ideas from both cultures to make a method which takes the best of both worlds and have incorporated Piano Healings into my work.


 - What happens after I finish a Coaching Session?

Spiritual Flow Work teaches you the tools that you need to continually incorporate into your daily life.  Even after completing a coaching session, my workshops and retreats are there for my clients to give them the ongoing support and knowledge to use in life.