The First Spiritual Flow Piano Meditation in Berlin!

6th October, First Time in Berlin, and the first Time with Spiritual Flow Work - Flow Piano Meditation!


We were 18 - 20 People for this Berlin Tour. The Yogastudio was in kreuzberg, it was beautiful, bright and felt really good! The Attendees were nice as well that i felt like i already know them before. This is something i felt all the Time, You go somewhere and the “Right” One just comes to you. I love the Law of Attraction.;)

Really Special was to knowing the Founder team from Tastenexpress Berlin -

I am really happy and thankful for them because my Piano for Meditation was from Tastenexpress Berlin! They have a great Vision : They want to helping People to start learning Piano as Simple as Possible. I know so many People they are not sure about Piano Learning just because its to expensive to buy a new Piano! Through Tastenexpress, you can just rent it for the Time you want play. They even deliver it to you at home! I am happy that i have the chance to know this company and could use the Piano, that was a great experience!

Berlin is for sure a great city, its international and chill ;) so that i already made my Decision to come back to Berlin on 1st and 2th on December.


The Program for 1 - 2 Dec 2018 Berlin:

One Hour with your Soul - Piano Meditation (Movement and Meditation)

Spiritual Flow Work Energy Work - Workshop

Have a Brunch with your Soul - Piano Meditation & Energy Work & Brunch

Registration is open :)


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Jiaran Wang