Courage is Facing the Fear and doing it anyway...

I have one book I read from time to time and it has always helped me when I feel down - "Courage - the joy of living a dangerous life " by Osho.

i really want share this one thing with you:


"Courage is not the absence of fear, It is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it." - Osho

when I was a teenager I wished one day that I would be able to feel self confident all the time and be so brave that I would never feel Weak. Yes for me, to feel fear is a weakness and I was so upset and embarrassed when I felt fear. This world tells us to feel brave, to be strong, not to show weakness. So every woman and man has that feeling, they should always feel great, otherwise you don't match to the picture of success as in this Society's paradise which everybody can see on instagram or tv. But in the reality, every Emotion is just an Emotion. Fear, Happiness, Courage, Excitement, Sadness, they are just nature as the way they are. They come and go, If you observe how a Baby spends a Day, you will realize, that a baby's emotions come and go like an April Weather.  "Be brave, have Courage" is something everybody wants to learn when they grow up. But if you look at Osho's Sentence, it totally makes sense to me: Fear is something natural, you can't get rid of it for ever. But what Brave really is, is facing it, doing it with the fear you feel. I know, this is Scary, I know. But you will survive this Feeling when you feel it and let it go.

Be you. Even sometimes with Fear, but Love, Trust, and all the Emotions as well. Just don't give up, find support and face it. It's just a Question of Time. 

I believe in you.


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