Hello there, do you live a Life which represents you?


Who are you? 

What do you do?

Yes, you are a Soul, a Human being,  a Teacher, an Animal lover, Manager, Founder, Mom, Dad, Store-Owner, Author...... 

What I want know is . do you live a life you want which represents you as everything you are? Are you in agreement with your life? If you tell me about your life, are you happy about the Story you tell me? 

I want take a step forward, if you are not Happy about what you just told me, are you going to do something to make it better for you? 

yes? You're really brave! I applause you for that! 

No? Why not? If there is something you can't do right now, would you please promise me to think about it Again in a later time and give yourself a timeline where you will be able to find a Group, People, Organization and so on to help you to have a life you truly want? 


I am proud of you.

Jiaran WangComment