Travel as a Spiritual Flow Worker/Pianist in Barcelona Spain

During this summer, I went to Barcelona, Spain and neighboring cities to Promote my Spiritual Flow Piano Series. 


That was the First Time for me to visit Spain. 

After we landed, I could see the smiling faces everywhere like the Sun, the Ocean can make People happy automatically; I liked that. Totally difference than the Famous Vienna Attitude (To experience this kind of Feeling,you have to go to some Viennese traditional Coffee houses) Another thing which I found was that People didn't speak English. But, We found everything we needed, and Everyone was super friendly and helpful! The City was beautiful. The Buildings were stunning! And the Tapas Restaurants, the Bakeries, Even the Fastfood locals were great! 

But a big Problem for People like me is how to bring the Instrument with you when you travel for playing. I have one Yamaha Grand Piano and one Stage Piano. I love them so much. But both of them are too big and heavy to bring with me. I even called the Airline for shipping my Stage Piano. In the end, I didn't want to pay more than 300 Euro just for moving it for this 1 hour flight. 

I then found out, that i could rent the Piano there in Barcelona! This Company called Instrument Rental Barcelona. Is really Easy to talk with, and the Piano was great. Everything was easy to arrange and went smoothly. I am really really glad that i found this Company! I can recommended this Company if you need to rent an Instrument.


My Trip to Barcelona and other Cities was great! I loved playing for the People, and seeing how Happy they were. 

Being a Traveler/Pianist/Entrepreneur/Spiritual Flow Worker is all about Passion. About doing the right Things. About playing the right Keys for the People. 

I want you to take a moment now and ask yourself this question - "What is your passion, and how can you play the "right keys" for you?

Wish you all a Flow Week:) 

Jiaran WangComment