Why you should Meditate like you want!


Since Spirituality has become trendy and hip, everybody talks about meditation. 

I love this kind of Trend!

There are so many explanations about how to meditate and why. like "Meditate for Skeptiker", "Why you should Meditate and heal your Blood-pressure" "Meditate and heal" and so on... 

for me this topic is simple -Meditate the way that feels right, like you want.

Everything you like and you feel right about, can be more useful and helpful in your personal life. At the end you can have more benefits than if you worked hard on something that in the end didn't suit you or that you didn't feel right about. 

Take for example that gym pass you bought for a great discount. In the beginning you may go, but slowly you start to go less and less. In the end, the gym just wasn't something that you liked or felt that was right for you. You need to focus on doing things that are inline with you and your wants. 

Meditation position: sit or lay down

if you have back pain, i would suggest you try to sit on a meditation pillow, Yoga Block or on a chair. 

If you can't feel your legs and feet after a short time, than just simply change to another position. Sit higher and have short but often meditation sessions or try laying down.

Meditation while laying is comfortable but also makes it easy to fall asleep. This is okay if you are practicing a Sleep Meditation or Meditation with Affirmations; your Subconsciousness can take the affirmations even if you fall asleep. But if you want to meditate with others together and don't want to "miss" something. I suggest you to find a comfortable position while sitting.

How long:

You can start with 5 minutes.

Even 1 minute is better than none. Because every minute you spend for your Health, you will feel the difference at the end.

meditation is not a quiet and meaningless activity. It's a full automatic healing/Help Activity your body made it for you. 

when you meditate, your body can have time and energy to do the repair work.

Even your energy Field is changing. It begins to heal and to balance.

Your mind calms.  Afterwards you can work and learn better. 


Religious or Not:

Luckily, we define the word spirituality not just with a religious background anymore. like Meditation, its not just for Monks and Believers anymore. 

Meditation is like a dancing class. Join the Class, try it, Have fun. If you feel the benefits, then stay. If you don't like it, try for example my Piano Meditation ;)

Here again: Find something that feels right for you, and keep doing it.

Tell me something about the Benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • calm heart rate
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less anxiety and fear
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Less stress
  • Deeper relaxation
  • More concentration after meditation
  • clear the Mind


so, go meditate! 

Love you

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Jiaran Wang