7 easy Tools to feel better right away - No.2 "Breath"

2. Breath

Everybody Breaths but most of us don't breath right and deep enough.

Our Body needs Air. We inhale and exhale air automatically to stay alive, but often we don't use the full power of Breath.  In a Harvard Article it discusses belly Breathing, and why this deep Breathing can reduce stress and support the body to heal itself.


My Tips:

Take Time to find a Comfortable position to practicing deep breathing.

try a few minutes to breath really slow but comfortable for you. 

afterwards you can put your hand on your belly, and take a slow but deep breath through your nose in and out while you can feel the up and down with your hand on your belly. practice it a few minutes.

the advance version would be to use affirmation to multiply the intention. for example you can think about "i am full of love" while inhaling and "i feel relaxed" with exhaling. Try different Affirmations.

Wish you a Deep relaxing......z.z.z.z

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