Get Rich inside and outside

When People talk about Money, there is always Tension. They pop up Sentences like" I tried but this is so hard"; "The Badasses out there have all the Money, we will never have that!" "Oh, you have to work like 70 Hours a Week to have that, thats why i can't make that money" .....and so on. 


I get that. When i talked to my friends a few years ago,  we all had the same thoughts like: Money is the summary from your Work hours and your Stress. Or Who are you, you don't know rich people, you will never be there. the worst is, don't even get started, be a freelancer, entrepreneur, owner, author, Artist, Pianist, or whatever you want do on you own, you will end up poor and won't be able to pay your bills. so you can be a freelancer or something but think realistic and in the best way- you need to have a part time job.... 

OMG, when i look at those Thoughts, i am so happy that i have changed a lot! 

None of these are true for me anymore. I definitely can tell, that everybody is their own moneymaker. Yes, there are things we can't control. but there are definitely so many ways you can make really good money and to live your dream life and have time to enjoy! and there are not just some good thoughts . there are good tools you can use. there are good advises to help you when you feel down and need some support. there are also Exercises to push you to rethink your habbits and finaly to start the dream business and so on.


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Have a great Day, feel rich and get rich... $$$$$$$

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