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The Story


Spiritual FLOW wORK


I’ve created Spiritual Flow Work for you and me to manifest the positive changes in life and to discover the wonderfulness within ourselves. It’s a holistic support system for your mind, body and soul.

Spirituality for me is more than just religion or beliefs. Spirituality helps us to find the meaning of each individual’s life, lets you know that you are connected with something bigger and more than you can see. It reminds you to see your true potential and to live the authentic fulfilling life you choose. This is why I am doing spiritual work, because we are spiritual beings, we are souls, we are what we want to be and experience.

 Finding my Flow was interesting. I began to work with the Flow Phenomenon through my master thesis work. I interviewed people from China and Austria who were piano students. I found that flow is truly effective and very motivating for improving our lifes, not just for doing exercise, playing music or working on a thesis; No, Flow experience helps with everything and can be found in almost everyone during certain times of their life. In Chinese it is called– 天人合一,如入忘我世界。Translated it means – to bring you and your world into one, so that you are totally in your element and don’t have time for anything else. You are lost in your world in a positive way and there, you will find your best form and can even grow and change it.

The key here is Intrinsic motivation:

The highest intrinsic motivation is “Flow” where self-consciousness is lost, one surrenders completely to the moment and time means nothing.

This is why Spiritual Flow Work Works. Because SFW is not here to motivate you or push you to change habits you don’t want to change. Spiritual Flow Work is here to inspire you, support you to find the right angle for your intrinsic motivation to enable you to find your “Flow”. Because only when you are intrinsically motivated for change, will this change come. You are the key to change the world.

Milhaly Said “Inducing flow is about the balance between the level of skill and the size of the challenge at hand.”

Helping to find the balance between a person’s skill level and their current life challenges is exactly my area and the unique point at Spiritual Flow Work: you and I together will find the perfect dose of “Work” for the “present situation”. Through the flow work coaching, you will have inspirational new ideas and the best solutions for you. You will be able to feel the “Flow” in your life.


Who I am


Johanna Wang - Speaker, Flow Inspirator, Pianist, Piano Educator, Composer living in Vienna Austria, is the Founder of Spiritual Flow Work and Spiritual Moment Now. 
She gives Personal Flow Coaching, Flow Energy Work, and combines Meditation with her Own Flow Piano Music. Also she offers Soul Meditation Brunches, Soul Retreats, Flow Piano Concerts and Other Well-being Services with Local Artists, Juice Bars, Travel Agencies, Yoga studios and more in Europe and Asia.

CERTIFICATION/Workshops/Retreats since 2003

  • Classic Piano Performance 2 Diploms

  • B.A and M.A in IGP (Classic Piano Padagogy)

  • Music kinesiology

  • Cards reading

  • Medial Angel Consultant

  • Medial Medium

  • Chakra Reading and Healing

  • Quantem Healing

  • Hands-on Healing

  • Meditation

  • Life Coaching

  • Communicating and work with Animals

  • EFT