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Be the Light for you and the World


What you will receive with the programs

  • THE BEST TOOLS TO Grow and To Manifest your Life of Dreams day by day

  • COMPLETELY change your perspective to the BETTER HAPPIER BRIGHTER Future

  • Have a Better Connection to your Body and Better Health     

  • Finally find your AUTHENTIC YOU and What you always wanted to do and to be. 

  • MANIFEST your Higher Level of Success and Wealth and unfold your Potential

  • RAISE the Energy in your Relationships and CLEAR the past

  • FEEL THE FLOW of YOUR Life - and Live the Life of your Dreams

How are the programs structured?

2 Types:  7 Day Light Flow Version \ 21 Day transformation Flow Version

Daily Time: 10-30 Minutes a Day

Content:  Daily Excersice PDF Form + My Spiritual Flow Piano Meditations for each Topic + Daily Affirmation MP3 + Coaching Video Lessions (Transformation Version Only) + Certification for gratituding the online Program

After you sign up and pay for this Program, You will immediately receive a welcome Email with details for the program and schedule. From the following day, the program will begin at day 1. Each day is structured for you to complete the exercises in around 30 Minutes. For The light Flow Version it will take you about 10 minutes. Both versions will match your daily Life Schedule and be effective. The Transformation Version is for the People who want go deeper and have more Life changing experiences and has Video Lessons

When can i book the Programs?

The Programs start from October 2018.  The Teaching Program Spiritual Flow Worker starts from 2019.

you can leave me a Message down below, and i will send you a Reminder-mail when the Programs are online. 

Upcoming Self Empowering Online Programs


  • "Open your Potential treasure Box and have your Full Power" - The Self Discovery Trip for you and how to use your Hidden Power

  • Your Body Talk - Healthy Healing Thoughts and Energy 

  • "Manifest your Dream and Raise your Attractions" - How to use Law of Attractions to manifest your Dream Life

  • "The First lession of Your Life - Selflove" - The very Important thing for all of us.   

  • "Letting Go of the Sadness, the Angry and the Past" - Letting   go and making place for the better

  • Money is good - Law of the attraction (Topic - Money)

Spiritual Flow Worker Program 2019

This program is made for teaching People to be a Spiritual Flow Worker, and Involves the following:

- Spiritual Flow Energy Work

-Spiritual Flow Coaching

-Card Reading (Diverse Card Types)

-Meditations (How to meditate and how to guide a meditation)

-Using Tools during the Sessions (Essential Oils, Affirmations, EFT, etc)

- Chakra Balancing

- Working as a Spiritual Flow Worker 

- Bonus Materials 




Are you ready to Feel Better and live a happier life?